7 September, 2015



The Aumenta.me Project is an initiative that emerged in 2011 in the heart of the Asociación Espiral, Educación y Tecnología, a partnership that integrates teachers at all levels, areas and educational levels, researchers in the field of educational technology, designers of teaching materials and companies and institutions related to information technology in education.

Espiral has always encouraged innovation through information technology and communication applied to the educational field and is no stranger to the possibilities offered by technologies such as Augmented and Virtual Reality. Thus emerges the Aumenta.me Project, a project born out of a research, didactic and broadcaster desire, in order to bring the Augmented and Virtual Reality comes to the classroom.

Numerous studies conclude that these technologies provide valuable tools that can help to strengthen learning and increase student motivation. Still, despite that both Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are already employed in other areas, its implementation as tools in the classroom is still a challenge. We are facing yet unknown technologies in teaching relatively new and a limited supply of platforms and applications in order to develop projects in education.

Espiral from Aumenta.me Project strongly committed Augmented Reality and Virtual Education and for that, until now, has developed the following lines:

  • Aumentame Days: Aumentame Days constitute an annual meeting point for the exchange of ideas, experiences, projects and new Augmented Reality in Education.
  • Aumentame Portal: Aumenta.me is a website with a wide range of resources, experiences and proposals. Its aim is to disseminate this technology and encourage teachers to experiment and discover their educational possibilities.
  • EspiRA Project: EspiRA is a tool of geolocation and augmented reality that allows teachers to access this technology facilitating the development of educational projects.
  • Espiral Training: Through the Escuela Virtual Espiral, technology-training courses for teachers are offered.

Now, from the Aumenta.me project is also committed to expanding it to Latin America to go taking steps together, we bring our experience and move forward in the dissemination and integration of these technologies in education.

Aumenta.me America is underway.

How about you going to lose?

Important for you: In any kind of registration(Speaker, Professional, Student )  for CAVA 2016, you can participate  in Aumenta.me event, but, if you only want to participate in Aumenta.me event, you should indicate in the form preregistration, selecting option only Aumenta.me in field participation, in this case the price will be the same for Student participation.