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                The development of China's mold industry to support machine tool enterprises

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                China's mold industry development up to now, has made remarkable achievement. As China's economic take-off, more need high quality, many varieties of industrial production mold. In the face of such a huge market, foreign machine tool manufacturers had already "prey". However, in the face of the "invasion" of the strong, the domestic most of the machine tool manufacturers have "indifference".
                This huge market in the end, the mould processing equipment, let the Japan, Europe and China Taiwan machine tool manufacturers to occupy.
                Although there are many factors lead to the emergence of this situation, but it is undeniable that there is a big cake is partitioned. How to "take back" market, the domestic machine tool manufacturers to think the question!
                "2011 China mold and die production value (not including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) 1.124 trillion yuan, the mould at present in China market growth rate of over 15%, is expected in 2015 China's mold output is likely to more than 250 billion yuan." According to the international mold association secretary general luo hui is introduced, the huge mould market, has injected new vitality for the related industries, to promote the development of the machine tool industry, in particular, at the same time puts forward higher requirements on machine tool technology, etc. Mold industry in China's demand for mould processing equipment mainly has the following varieties: CNC machining center, CNC milling and CNC profiling milling machine, edm shaping machine, wire cutting machine tools, jig grinding machine, coordinate boring, boring and milling machine, molding grinding, optical curve grinding machine, band sawing machine, deep hole drilling, electrode processing machine, engraving machine, polishing machine, moulding machine, three coordinate measuring machine, scanner, plane, high performance of standard heat treatment equipment, rapid prototyping equipment, all kinds of cutting tools and grinding machines, mold CAD, CAM, CAE, PDM, etc software, computer workstations and computer and so on.
                Advanced technology such as concurrent engineering and reverse engineering in the application of the continuous development of mould processing, mold processing and conversion to CNC machine put forward the digital transmission, multi-axis linkage, high precision, high efficiency, high plasticity, and meet the requirements of the automation; Electric processing equipment of high efficiency and low loss, high precision, mirror machining, electric spark numerical control milling and processing center, etc; To three coordinates measuring machine and high precision, high speed (measurements) within a certain time, easy to operate, with 3 d scanning digital system, can realize the scene low-pressure contact and non-contact measurement, high flexibility and online measurements, such as software functional requirements. Anyhow, mold processing equipment should be able to make the mold enterprises to realize high precision, high efficiency, high flexibility and automation processing and try to meet the mold manufacture of high quality, low cost, long life and short cycle.