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                Machine tool enterprises can adopt the mode of land to expand sales channels

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                Today, most of the machine tool enterprises have established their own websites. But after our investigation, I found many websites just decoration, because can find and log in the website buyers few and far between. There are two main reasons for this phenomenon: the one is the enterprise leadership attention is not enough, not clear website is an effective means of sales; Second, enterprises lack of professional network talents, this kind of talent to know both the machine tool, and understand the network, so to speak, this kind of talent in China is scarce resources.
                Actually, as machine tool enterprise, can make full use of existing resources, their own products and enterprise information portal "stranger" to the big professional machine, enjoy this website traffic is set up shop in the shopping mall, to the growing popularity of shopping malls. 158 web portal is such a professional machine tool machine tool. 158 machine net flow of thousands of buyers every day, is enough to create sales opportunities for machine tool enterprises. In today's economy, it is a good move!