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                The plight of the paper industry

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                Recession in industrial use paper, China's paper industry to adjust production layout and paper turned to life. But with the increasing competition in the field of household paper, the industry has long been hanging over the overproduction of anxiety. ShangPu consulting light industry analysts believe that although the paper industry since 2006 has exceeded the consumption capacity, however, has not been effective control of investment in fixed assets, in the case of continuous overcapacity, the size of enterprise to break. According to relevant statistics show that in 2010 the new paper production capacity of 9.8 million tons, in 2011, nearly 13 million tons, 2012 tons in 2012. In capacity is already more than under the conditions of consumer demand, new capacity decreased slowly, market demand is still weak, this is the confusion: paper industry demand, investment constantly. In 2012, as it were, most of the paper listed firms are among the most dismal year, a sharp drop in performance, some enterprises even losses. Countries to actively guide the healthy development of papermaking industry, already issued backward production capacity of 9.7 million tons of goals, however small workshops across numerous, countries have been outlawed and results than expected. This is also one of the paper industry confused. Due to the lack of forest resources in our country, the life paper pulp mainly rely on imports of raw materials, such as market prices are subject to import wood pulp wood producers pricing with the international price fluctuation; At the same time, the sales network is given priority to with multistage distribution system, circulation chain of middlemen dependence degree is quite high; The same as the country to improve the environmental standards lead to the cost of environmental pollution. Although these objective cause aggravated the plight of the paper industry, but this is not the root cause of the trouble. The fundamental reason is: the excessive competition in the market, serious overcapacity. So that to increase sales by price war, then it's more speed up the arrival of the era of meager profit in paper industry. According to ShangPu released "2013-2017 China's papermaking market survey report shows that China's paper industry facing small profit era. Under the crisis of continuous overcapacity, the papermaking enterprises should more rationally treat the capacity investment, reasonable distribution of positive capacity, adjust the production layout should not blindly follow suit.